One thing you have that you’re not aware of

Photo by Bacila Vlad on Unsplash

I had a long, hectic day before I realized I hadn’t learned the lines for a 3-hour acting class in the evening.

I almost decided to skip it as I didn’t want to look bad. I persuaded myself: “Just let it go and see what happens.”

My jaw fell to…



Author and her foster puppy, Lucille
Author’s image of her foster puppy

I was doing yoga when Lucy missed her pee pad again, dipped her paws in her pee, then ran towards me.

“Mom, you promised to play with me after yoga!”

“Lucy, I still have one more minute of savasana! And I have to clean your pee!”

She kept nibbling me…



Fear and excitement are twins.

A gigantic spider found in author’s backyard

My partner was walking my foster dog one night and ran into a huge spider. I joined him moments later.

“I almost had a heart attack.” He showed it to me.

“This is SO COOL!” I said, turning on the flashlight.

“ That’s easy for you to say. If it…