Our presence is our best business card

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I’m not preaching happiness. .

I’m not talking about your revenue — the lesson applies whether you have 0 revenue or 7 figures.

I’m not even talking about how to be more engaging, how to be more energetic, or how to be more interesting.

Instead of asking “How to be a happy entrepreneur”, I’d like to ask you:

How would you like to live your life as an entrepreneur, from moment to moment?

How does that translate in your business?

The following scenario happens all the time:

Met someone through networking events. Hopped on…

The freedom comes with soreness, but it’s worth it

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Growing up I had very little fear regarding medical treatment. While other kids would howl at the first sight of a syringe, I’d only wince at the very moment when the needle got under my skin.

The doctors and nurses were amazed at how calm and brave I was. But I just thought it was nothing — those crying babies were so lame.

Well, here comes my comeuppance: After I got my first vaccine shot, I started dreading the second one. …

Breaking free from a highly collective society is an inward journey

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I’m the only immigrant in my family. And I haven’t seen them since the beginning of the pandemic. I know, it sucks.

I had a call with my mom the other day, and she mentioned in passing that one of my uncles (my Dad’s older brother) said I was a “spoiled brat”, accusing my parents of spoiling me:

“How could you let your only child stay abroad?”

“How could you let her pursue arts?”

“How could you let her do whatever she wants?”

I was not surprised. While this uncle might be one of the most judgmental people in my…

How I stepped out of victim mentality

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It’s incredibly easy to fall into the victim mentality. It’s even easier to stay there.

Oh, isn’t that comfy and convenient? It’s them, not me. I’m not happy, but it’s not me.

Believe it or not, I’ve seen this scenario: A kid bumped his head on a chair, and his parents started beating the chair, yelling: “Chair’s fault, chair’s fault.”

Wow. This kid is gonna have a hard time learning to take responsibility.

In my early days as an actor, I’ve had a lot of experiences where I felt “used” and “abused” — working long hours without pay, and didn’t…

You decide.

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I replied to of Ellen Nguyen with the following words: “I’m too good at being single…it’s preventing me from getting into a relationship”. Ellen encouraged me to write about it.

It took me a whole week to get started. Why? Because I’ve been asking myself the question of the subtitle, with an emphasis on the word “too”.

Am I TOO independent? TOO aggressive? TOO loud?

Do I talk TOO much? TOO little? Do I laugh TOO much? TOO little?

Am I TOO nice?

Sound familiar? Have you thought about these after a first (or second, or who-knows-how-many) date?

When bad things happen on a Monday morning, write.

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I was acting on a TV set on Saturday, then we found a potential positive case, and the production was put on hold.

This morning, I learned about the passing of a friend of mine — it was a very unexpected death, and our cohort is still in shock.

Now I’m sitting home facing an empty calendar, grieving for my friend.

When things like this happen, I sit down and write. But instead of writing 4-plus-minute reads back up by research and filled with thoughts and ideas, I choose to write a 2-minute story.

I have no expectations. I don’t…

Prepare for the breakdown before the breakthrough

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I was born and raised as an only child of very traditional parents in a highly collective community in China.

As a result of , I was with adults much more often than with other kids.

I had a babysitter who almost killed me (twice), and my parents decided they could not trust anyone. So they brought me everywhere:

I went to multiple social events with my Dad and performing arts competitions with my mom. I got along with their bosses and colleagues.

I watched the first show of my life as the youngest member of the audience…

I resonate with every word you said. I'm also a coach, and I hired my coach earlier this month. Belief is the key.

Forgiving is the first step towards self-love.

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I was born under the in China, in the early 90s. My mom became the executive director of a kindergarten before having me at 32. Then she gave up opportunities to advance her career to spend more time with me.

I grew up in the kindergarten she worked for, and I was known as “Ms.Chen’s daughter”. When she went to PTA meeting at my school, she was known as “Yiqing’s mom.”

I was a gifted child — published some writing at a very young age, got a few awards in writing and piano. She couldn’t be more proud…

Yiqing Zhao

Actor/Writer/Creative Life Coach. Foodie. Yogini. Write about acting, writing, personal growth, entrepreneurship, and life lessons.

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