Work on your thoughts. They will take care of your life.

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In my family, my grandma never gets worried, but my mom always gets worried. This dynamic is so interesting, and I often get to watch my mom getting worried over the fact that my grandma is not worried at all:

“How come she never worries about her own children? Where did she get that big heart?”

I don’t have answers to that question, but I know, to some extent, that my mother’s worrisome nature contributed to my rebellion, while my worry-free grandma has all five children around, treating her…

You’re resistant? That’s one more reason to try.

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Before I started creative life coaching, I’ve been (and still am) a working actor and playwright.

But I came to the US as a graduate student in public health, launching campaigns and researching the social networks of people living with HIV/AIDS.

In my college years, I was a medical student in China, doing experiments on rats trying to figure out a way to treat depression. My rats didn’t get depressed. I did.

That was my life story.

One thing leads to another, then another, then another. You just need to give it a starter.

And it’s the same with writing.

Hi Diana! Thanks for all the helpful tips! I'd like to be added as a writer :)

We all have the same journey, just different paths

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I never thought I’d be an entrepreneur when I was young. Both my parents (and most of their siblings) had 9–5 jobs, and I was on my way to becoming a doctor.

Even when I made a 180-degree shift from medicine to performing arts, and heard a lot of disapproving voices — I still didn’t think of myself as an entrepreneur — Until the pandemic.

The entertainment industry was shut down. My actor friends and I lost a bunch of gigs and had to pivot. …

Both. People describe my content as "wise/inspiring" while my art as "beautiful/touching'. But I have to say, I'm first and foremost an artist.

To be alive is to be aware.

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I’m a bit fed up with all those contents “teaching” you to be happy. We all want happiness, but here’s the thing: Life is not always hunky-dory.

From time to time you’ll be tired, stressed, lost, and heartbroken. In those times happiness is probably not the most frequent word in your dictionary.

That’s why I implore you to seek ALIVENESS instead. To live fully. To experience fully. To embrace all the emotions fully.

There’s no happiness without aliveness.

When my first foster dog was taken away, I was devastated. I bawled my eyes out. I held him and howled.


That will give you strength, gratitude, and forward momentum

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Letting go is never an easy process, despite all the self-help books, podcasts, and YouTube videos. I find it even more difficult with pets — especially with your first one.

I fostered a 13-year-old Shih Tzu through an animal shelter for 10 days. His toenails got stuck in an escalator and were pulled out. He was bleeding heavily, I called the shelter, they dismissed it, saying it was normal for old dogs. I brought him to a vet without the shelter’s approval.

Next thing I knew, the shelter called to take…

Anecdote | Animal Advocacy

With 3 Simple Life Lessons

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I fostered the first pet in my life (silkworms in elementary schools don’t count) — Damien, a 13-year-old Shih Tzu mix from a local animal shelter.

When I picked him up and brought him home in an Uber, I didn’t expect he could drastically change my life in just ten days.

Besides all the obvious benefits: getting up earlier, being more active, and getting out of my head, he changed my state of being.

Here are 3 life lessons I learned from being a first-time dog mom.

1. To love is to give

As an only child of helicopter parents, I was raised to focus on…

A business and life lesson I learned from apartment hunting

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I spent a crazy week hunting for a studio in NYC in the snow storm. If you’ve ever lived in New York you’ll know what it’s like.

By the end of last week I not only signed a lease but also learned a lesson that will probably last a lifetime. And I’m sharing it with you now.

Let’s start with apartment A and broker A. Gorgeous apartment, water view, I loved it. Broker A promised to get the best deal possible for me, and brought along his assistant, L. …

A Tiny yet Critical Shift in My Relationship with Marketing & Myself

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I’ve been loathing and dreading marketing until….hmm today, at breakfast. I got another “breakfast ephiphany” — and yes, that’s one of the reasons I love breakfast the most.

I’ve always envied those marketing geniuses — not necessarily because what they said resonated with me, but because I felt they were happy to market themselves, despite the nerves and all. (And yes, some of them still do get nervous, and I can tell)

How can I be happy to market myself just like them?

See, the thing about marketing…

Yiqing Zhao

Would-be-doctor-turned storyteller and coach. Foodie. Yogini. Dog Mom. I write about whatever I learned from life. www.

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