Would-be-doctor-turned actor, writer, and creative life coach. INFJ. Capricorn. Foster dog mom, yogini, home chef, and foodie.

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Oh gosh, how I’ve been wanting to write here and dreading the whole time! Articles and listicles are not as half challenging as this one, because…well because I have too much to say and there’s no formula.

Kinda sorta like my trajectory — no formula, just guts. …

I had to learn tactics to cope with uncertainty, instead of being constantly triggered into “fight or flight” mode

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Growing up, I was probably the “most confident person” in my cohort. I aced everything, won awards, got articles published… I thought there was nothing I couldn’t achieve.

Then, in the last year of college, I started to have massive anxiety attacks. I lost a bunch of hair, couldn’t have…

It’s very easy to react to chaos with negativity—but you can choose to instead see it as part of leading a lively, exciting life

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I had a “slightly turbulent” week. I booked an NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) workshop this weekend, along with an Airbnb for three nights. Then I got an audition from my agent and had to confirm I was available.

After my confirmation, my thoughts started churning:

“Oh gosh, why did I book…

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I became a foster dog mom earlier this year, and have saved 3 adult dogs. When it came to puppies, I was hesitant — because of the work, the hours, and the attachment.

This time I said yes, and within a week Lucy changed my life.

I used up a whole bag of pee pads, 3 rolls of paper towels, and threw away three toys that were destroyed by her.

Yet, this experience is expanding me in a way never imagined. It makes me look into myself and ask: “Are you resisting or avoiding? Or are you committing and taking responsibility?”

I said yes to all of it — the mess, and the joy. The more I can accept the mess, the more I can embrace the joy.

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Yiqing Zhao

Actor/Writer/Creative Life Coach. Mental health advocate, animal activist, foodie. https://www.instagram.com/yiqingzhao1222/ https://coaching.yiqingzhao.com

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